Magical Items and Ritual Tools

Know that what you see here on this page and for sale at our shows is made, found, blessed, and/or filled with nothing but good will, prosperous intentions, and the knowledge of many Elders and Spiritualists in the various religious communities we serve.

Please feel free to look around, offer suggestions on what you'd like to see in our line of products, and send us your comments and requests.

Hurricane Irma Jars have sold out! We do have 15 ml dropper vials for your magical needs.

Please check out our new Meditation Glass art below. Let the colors flow, mingling with your mind. Let them speak softly to you as you relax and possibly hear or witness a bit of what the Divine has to show you...

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Resin Altar Tools

Baby resin Goddesses

Baby resin Goddesses 

Gold and bronze triskele.

Gold and bronze triskele.  


Triple Goddess and Horned God


Celtic knots