All About Us

Magical, Kinky, Aftercare Items

    We specialize in handcrafted floggers, sensual play, aromatherapy, massage and essential oils, as well as specially crafted magical and ritual items. 

     We make and sell our products for unique experiences, alternative lifestyles, religious practices, private play, and for people from all walks of life. Each item is created or crafted with positive energies, joyous intentions, passion and intensity. We believe everything you put into your craft reveals itself when used and we want you to feel every bit of your experiences with our products. 

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Floggers and Skin Play


Our Master Woodcrafter has almost 40 years of wood turning experience. We currently have over 60 wood and acrylic blanks in stock in such varieties as basic but beautiful red and white oak, maple, southern yellow pine and poplar, through more exotic premium woods like spalted tamarind, zebrawood, cocobolo, purpleheart, and marblewood (will also accommodate holly and ebony upon request). Our wood blanks are all personally hand selected and purchased locally. Our acrylics come to us when we see colors we just can't resist.

Our current leather inventory consists of all natural leather products for the falls and is subject to change without notice due to product availability - (faux materials available upon request and availability). We hand select all leather hides locally because we believe that if we like the feel and quality of the item, you will as well. Mail order hides from other companies may be cheaper, but we don't want to give that quality control to a stranger.  Our selection currently includes cowhides of various thickness and colors, deer, soft pig suede, goat, and lamb as well as some treated designer sides for that sting, thud, and alternative textures that so many crave.

We also carry an extensive line of plastic lace floggers as well as some unconventional materials guaranteed to give you the look, feel, sting, thud, or sensuality your body desires.

Please feel free to message any questions you may have. We'll be happy to work with your needs, wants, and budget.

Amazing Aromas and Aftercare


Our aromatherapy essential and massage oils are all natural with no chemical additives. We only use 100% pure essential ingredients (organic when possible) for our products because we believe in a quality experience. 

For those unfamiliar with aromatherapy, these products are awesome for helping pump you up for a rigorous session or helping calm and soothe you through aftercare or meditation. Scent is a strong trigger for extra energy, mood changes, soothing sessions, or just a nice quiet evening alone.

Proudly Veteran owned and operated since 2013